Letter From Washington Youth Soccer CEO, Terry Fisher

In response to recent statements regarding the standing of Westsound FC as a Regional Club and to the Board minutes posted to the HarborFC website, Washington Youth Soccer has issued the following statement dated March 21st 2014.

"WestSound FC and Harbor FC are both members in good standing within the RCL and Washington Youth Soccer. There should be no credence given to rumors of the demise of either organization. Both these organizations are members of the RCL and are expected to remain full RCL participants for the coming 2014-15 Season. We (Washington Youth Soccer) will continue to encourage discussions between these two organizations that may be of benefit to the entire peninsula.

Specifically, the points below have been communicated to the leadership of Harbor FC and Westsound FC in order to provide for an appropriate discussion among equals regarding improvements to Regional Club level soccer in the area:

1)      The Regional Club Subcommittee (RCS), and only the RCS, determines the number of clubs and the enforcement of the standards to participate in the RCL.  No single individual in the Washington Youth Soccer structure determines who has, or does not have, a charter. At this time, both Harbor FC and Westsound FC are fully recognized Regional Clubs.

2)      Any club that would fall under inspection from the RCS is given opportunity and time to meet the concerns of the RCS. At this time, neither Harbor FC nor Westsound FC have been engaged by the RCS in that process, specifically because of the ongoing merger discussions.

3)      Because of challenges faced by Westsound FC and Harbor FC as smaller Regional Clubs, Washington Youth Soccer continues to encourage the two clubs in their merger discussions."